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District Scooters


District Freestyle Scooter Co. was founded in 2007 as the pioneering brand of the modern freestyle scooter movement, setting the standard for scooter design, manufacturing and performance. Before District there wasn’t a single brand on the market that offered custom freestyle scooter parts. District wrote the rules - others have only followed.


You won't find a single rider or shop owner throughout the world that is not aware of the District movement. District is the original freestyle scooter brand to separate top-quality equipment from the fold-up toys of the past. Many of the greatest riders have been involved with product development and testing from the very beginning. As a global team, District serves one mission: to forever change the art and sport of freestyle riding. The O.G. in modern freestyle scooter products, District sets the standard for scooter design, manufacturing and performance.


Today, District is a highly evolved and globaly recognized brand with an unstoppable mission to create the absolute best Freestyle Scooter products in the world. True to its name, District's product line comes from the only self-owned manufacturer 100% dedicated to the advancement of freestyle scooters. With headquarters in Europe and the United States, they proudly serve a diverse and international rider base with the highest performing products on the market. From the most hardcore rider, to the kid just hitting the street, District offers unparalleled freestyle riding.


The District team is driven by a single ideal: never be satisfied with the status quo. Innovation is at the very core of the brand and born from the voices of those who ride their products. Each and every part, from a tighter clamp to a higher performing deck, has been engineered to advance the sport and push riders to their limits.