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The History

In 2007 District, now part of the FSP Group, started in the minds of Marcel Oosterveen and a few riders after they founded Eagle Wheels (also a part of the FSP Group). District would be a professional production company developing parts for scootering, as there were no products existing for the sport in the world at that time, besides the “toy” scooters with foldies and plastic cored wheels.

The FSP Group at that time was runned by 3 people: Anoeska, Henk and Marcel Oosterveen and started in 1993 as a Wheels and Rollerski production company

Riders like Hep Greg, Fernando Young and Rory Coe and also some of the first distributors started to discuss together with the FSP Group about creating the parts for scootering as we all know it today.

The project name for District at that time still was Descent (devised by Hep Greg). The Descent project was put aside early 2008, when we were asked to develop scooters and parts for other brands that started in the scooter business. During the first years we were approached by a lot of people and brands that wanted to jump on our train. We still work with some of these people/companies, but we always tried stick to our original vision: creating the best products for the sport. That's why we picked up the Descent project again middle 2008, but from that moment it would be called District.

Different than most brands that stepped in this sport nowadays, the FSP Group produces almost all of their products theirselves. We are not a company that is financed by investors and/or banks that only look at their profits percentages at the end of the year. We don't sell predesigned products bought from a cheap factory just because there is a market available.

District isn't a profit driven firm, District is the real thing. Each and every part we create comes from the feedback of our riders worldwide and is aimed at improving the sport.

Our Team

The District team is now made of over a 100 individuals all over the world, ranging from executives and managers, designers and factory workers to sponsored riders.

The heart of District is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. This is were all products are designed nowadays.

Our production is mostly located in China. We produce everything in our own factory, it's the only way we can guarantee the best quality that is needed for these real honest products in the sport.

We have some of the world's best proriders in our team, be sure to check them out!

Together we are one big family. We work as a team to make scootering a better and bigger sport!